photo The bungalows were constructed in 1999 for us to live in during the construction of our home and worked out so well we decided to keep them. In 2015 and 2016 these surf/rustic bungalows were completely remodeled and now they are for our friends and guests that require additional accommodations. These bungalows are approximately 4 square meters each (12 ft x12 ft). The rear bungalow has a double bed with netting, and the front bungalow has a queen bed with netting. Both have ceiling and floor fans to circulate the ocean breezes, as these newly remodeled bungalows are screened but open air. Both are naturally well ventilated.
photo The walls are artistically constructed of local materials by local craftsmen consisting of red clay tabicone brick. The open hand hewed rafters come from the jungle, right across the street. The roof consists of the palm leaf commonly known as palapa that is interwoven between the rafters. A stay in the bungalows gets you closer to nature but with modern amenities. These two bungalows share their own private outdoor shower, sink and toilet facilities. They even have hot water!!
photo They are connected by a common sitting area. There is a table and chairs, kitchen sink, and a purified water station. The bungalows, when occupied, are maintained by our staff in conjunction with the main house. These bungalows are not rented separately and are occupied only when extra space is needed for our main house guests. Please review our Rates page for the cost.